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After several years of collection, study and analysis of archaeological finds in Villa Romana do Rabaçal(VRR) the Municipality of Penela understood that, given the high patrimonial and cultural interest of the site, regarding the period of Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula, it would be necessary to develop an Archaeological Complex to support the conservation / preservation, visit, interpretation and exhibition of the present legacy.

To this end, the Municipality of Penela, assisted by the Northern Regional Council of the Architects Association (CDRN), has outlined an action strategy aimed at the development of two Public Design Competitions, for the creation of an Archaeological Site of the Villa Romana do Rabaçal, which complement each other and will be launched sequentially, with the ultimate goal of acquiring a requalification project for the Villa Romana do Rabaçal. It is within this framework that the Municipality of Penela launches this Public Design Competition, not followed by direct agreement, in order to ensure the selection of quality work at the base program level.

This first competition will result in a public exhibition of the works, as a motto for a set of initiatives aimed at involving all the natural players in this process, namely, the local population, the technicians of the various disciplines, the public and private institutions with local, regional and national scope, in a joint reflection and discussion on the future of the Villa Romana do Rabaçal.

All these moments will allow the Municipality of Penela to gather, ponder, draw conclusions and reconcile the best technical and political solutions, which will underlie the definition of the Preliminary Program of the second International Design Competition, followed by a direct agreement for the acquisition of elaboration of the execution project for the Archaeological Complex of Villa Romana do Rabaçal.


Contracting Authority
Câmara Municipal de Penela (Municipal Council of Penela)
Praça do Município, 3230-253 Penela
Phone: 239 560 120
Fax: 239 569 400

OASRN (Portuguese Council of Architects – Northern Chapter)
Competition Secretariat
Rua Álvares Cabral, 144, 4050-040 Porto
Phone: +351 22 2074250

Competition process

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