Embassy of Portugal in Peru

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Message from the Ambassador

The bilateral relations between Portugal and Peru are going through a particularly dynamic period, with numerous visits by political leaders and frequent business missions.

These exchanges have contributed to strengthen the relationship between our countries, and this deepening of the relationship with Peru is part of a strategic bet of diversifying our political and economic partners, taking advantage of the undeniable fact that, for historical and cultural reasons, the Latin America assumes a prominent position in Portuguese foreign policy.

This strategic bet has found great receptivity in this country that has an evident socio-cultural affinity with Portugal. Peru is also a promising partner due to its political stability, legal certainty and fiscal predictability.

The Portuguese Community in this country is an example of success in terms of integration in the host society due mainly to its own merit but also to the generosity and hospitality of the Peruvians.

This Embassy is committed to promote an ever more intense and diversified exchange between Portugal and Peru and to welcome and support the resident Portuguese Community, as well as those who visit us in tourism or business, providing it with a more efficient public service.

Helena de Almeida Coutinho

 Embaixadora de Portugal